2011: The Year of Content Marketing?

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This time of year, pundits wax about predictions for the year ahead and analyze trends that did or did not happen from the soon-to-end year.

I thought it’s appropo to do the same thing, only with content marketing.

What did or did not work this year?

No doubt,  content marketing finally took its rightful place in 2011. It’s safe to say that 2011 was the Year of Content Marketing. For one, numerous Google Panda updates brought content marketing to the forefront like never before.

And with it, content marketing suddenly became more important. Sites whose page views had sank  as Google switched up its content algorithms suddenly needed fresh, revamped content.

What worked in 2010 no longer worked in 2011.

And sites that were barely impacted by Panda were fighting like hell to maintain their rank  — hence, the need for new content. Folks who didn’t “get” the need for content, suddenly go tit.

What was particuarly interesting is the new forms of content — read: mobile.

From tablets to smart phones, more folks are using mobile devices. And, yup, all those mobile devices need content. How important is mobile?

Check out these stats, found on Digby.com:

Approximately 10.8% of shoppers used a mobile device to visit retail sites — up from 3.9% in 2010, according to IBM. According to Google, 65% of mobile users used their mobile device to search and make an in-store purchase.

Mobile was hot in 2011. So, too, was social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We rejoiced over some changes — and hated others. Facebook’s constant tweaking irked many users, while Twitter unveiled a new advertising platform.

Like it or hate it, it signified how important social media marketing was in 2011.

And now, what do you think is in store for 2012?

Google Plus’ unveiling of brand pages could be a game changer for what has been mixed results for the social media site.

We’ll see more importance placed on mobile content strategies. And Google Panda will be fresh on the minds of every web content strategist.

Buckle in and hold on. 2012 promises to be the year of content marketing: Part II.





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