2011 Content Marketing Highlights

For content marketers, 2011 was more about change than anything else. The year started with a bang, fresh off heavy content creation on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in 2010.
Then all hell broke loose.

Sure, us content marketers have long said the oft phrase: “content is king.” We content marketers are a funny bunch. Sure, we believe this, but sometimes (well, hell, a lot of times) our clients don’t really believe it. And boy, do we know it.

So, we usually have to do a lot of cajoling and convincing that:

#1, content is needed.
#2, No you can’t repurpose ALL of your content.
#3, a repeat of #1, yes, you still really need me!

Why Content Really Is King!

This, year, though, we finally got everyone else to believe it. It’s as if the content Gods looked down on us and said, “Let’s turn these high-ranking sites on their heads.” And out spit Google Panda — and suddenly, content marketers’ prayers were answered!

Google Panda (essentially, Google shifted its algorithm to reward sites with frequently updated, relevant content and seemingly demoted so-called content farms) updates throughout the year caused many sites’ ranking to tumble overnight, while rewarding others.

The process was somewhat arbitrary and, of course, Google secretive.

Why Fresh Content is a Must

Bottom line: Unique content ruled. Google recognized — and rewarded — unique content. So, while many companies had managed to get pretty good website rankings by just repurposing old content, that no longer worked. It threw a big monkey wrench into many a companies’ website rankings.

Content marketers to the rescue! 2011 will go down as the year that Google changed everything. Smart content marketers seized on this opportunity, and offered their much-needed services to frantic companies who were worried that their sites would tank.

Most sites didn’t suffer huge hits, but some did. All of which sets the stage for a pretty good 2012 for content marketers!

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