Why Someone Else May Be Your Greatest Inspiration

putting the pieces of a puzzle together It’s very easy to get sucked into your A-game  — that bury your nose to the grindstone, get busy writing, market for clients, get ‘er done kind of mode. We’ve all been there.

Problem is, when you’re so busy working, it’s easy to miss new opportunities. You become so focused on work that you think you don’t have time to develop other projects or undertake new ventures.

That’s why, this year, several content marketing friends and I are bouncing ideas off each other. We’re doing more than just talking — we’re writing our goals, using each other as sounding boards, and support. Let’s face it: It can be tough out there when you’re hanging your shingle out.

Are You One Idea Away From Success?

Sometimes, an idea is the only thing that stands between you and success. Perhaps your idea isn’t as well thought out as you need it to be. Or, maybe you’re missing out on the money because you’re focusing on the wrong things. As business owners, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees.

Everyone needs a business savvy friend — or someone they trust and respect with business advice — in their hip pocket. One friend knows a helluva lot about content marketing — and she shares it with me, in the form of,  “Hey, check this out,” and “Look at this link” or “Check out this person.” Unwittingly, this particular friend has inspired a new business — just from her email suggestion — and we’re also contemplating a joint venture.

Another friend is a great sounding board. I call and text her with my latest bright — some not so bright! — ideas: “What do you think about this?” or “How should I go about this?” Most importantly, she’ll give me an honest and well thought out answer — which, sometimes is, “you may want to think about it a different way.” Even if the answer is not what I necessarily want to hear, she says it in a way that gives me a different perspective.

Why You Must Have People In Your Inner Circle Who Are Smarter Than You

It’s important to surround yourself with smart people — people who are smarter than you! No one knows everything, and you’ve probably get people you trust who are better in certain areas than you. A smart leader is the one who builds a team of experts who are smarter in subjects than they are.

No large, successful company is based on the talents of just one person; it takes the contributions of many experts and many disciplines to make it work. Whether your goal is to build a company of “one” or a conglomerate, surround yourself with trusted business associates and friends that you can call on for advice when you need it.

These should be people you can trust — not haters, please — and folks you admire. They can even be in the same industry (though you need to make sure that the relationship is one of helping and not competing) but they must, must, must be business savvy.

I’d be careful not to make them family (family loves you regardless, but they often don’t want you to take risks or rock the boat, at least from my experience). If you pick the right people, their advice will be priceless.

No matter who you choose, make sure you get positive people in your circle.













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