My Content Marketing Progress

We’re almost mid-way through January and, unfortunately, many of us have broken or are getting ready to break goals we set for the New Year.

A few weeks ago, I outlined my content marketing goals.

Welp! Here’s a status update:


GOAL: Write one ebook a month (fiction/non-fiction).

  • This is one of my most difficult challenges. I have many ideas, including some new non-fiction books, that I’m working on.  I have not progressed with the goal. My plan is to write an ebook by the end of the month and prepare for a larger project with a February 15 deadline.


GOAL: Update my personal blogs more.


GOAL: YouTube videos.

  • No progress on this goal so far. I have updated my blogs with videos. Does that count?


Clearly, now is the time for me to buckle down, refocus and achieve my the goals I set.

How are you progressing with your content marketing goals?


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