Mobile Continues to Mobilize

Tablets like the iPad are changing how content marketers do business.If you didn’t know it by now, tablets are big, big, big.

Here are some stats for thought:

  • Apple is leading the pack. It sold more than 15 million iPads during the first quarter, an 11% increase compared the previous quarter. Apple has sold a combined 55 million iPads in less than two years.
  • The number of Americans who own a tablet has sharply increased. Approximately 29% of Americans own a tablet, with the amount of tablet ownership doubling from December 2011 to January 2012, according to data from Pew Internet.

What Does This Mean For Content Marketers?

Now, more than ever, content marketers MUST focus on tablet and mobile content strategies. Not developing content specifically tailored for mobile devices like tablets/iPads and smart phones is foolish.

There is no turning back. Tablet users are buying and consuming content on tablets now more than ever before. Just as mobile was, and continues to be, a hot, new content strategy, tablets have proved they need to be apart of the mix as well.

What You Must Do — NOW!

Hop on the tablet “bandwagon.”
With such a solid market share, I predict the tablet share will only increase. This represents a huge opportunity for content marketers. Is a tablet strategy part of your content marketing? If not, it needs to be. Your content must be viewable (everything from the physical content to graphics) and work effectively on tablets.

Implement more video content strategies.
 With 4 billion views a day, YouTube is king. If you haven’t already implemented it, videos must be a part of an effective content marketing strategy. Folks are using tablets to download videos now more than ever before.

Develop tablet-friendly content strategies
Content like e-books are especially tablet friendly on devices such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Nook (both of which separately had record-breaking sales during the holiday shopping season). If anything, ebooks have gotten more popular as the sale of these devices have increased. Consider if ebooks should be apart of your marketing strategy.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Jump on tablet content strategy now.


What do you think? Are tablets the hot, new content marketing trend?







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