Will Facebook Stay The Same?

As Facebook this week launched one of the most anticipated IPOs in history — valued by some analysts at more than $100 billion  — the iconic social networking company has a lot to prove: Will the yet-to-become public Facebook trump the privately-held Facebook?

Will it remain the same type of revolutionary, change at a moment’s notice company that marked its meteoric rise since 2004?

Facebook will have a lot to prove, but it’s IPO filing revealed some juicy details: 845 million monthly active users, 483 million daily active users, and over 425 million monthly active users on Facebook mobile.

Facebook is a content marketers’ beast. It’s about as American as apple pie and baseball. But it’s about to enter a very different chapter in it’s relatively short lifespan: A privately-held company is one thing; a publicly held one is quite different.

When companies have to answer to the “street,” the innovation and nimbleness that made them darlings on pre-IPO Wall Stret can fade fast as the company finds itself justifying their quirky decisions to shareholders and Wall Street analysts alike.

The street is no joke.

Part of what made Facebook so unique was that it did things that no other company had done — and it constantly changes.

Can it retain the same leverage that Mark Zuckerberg is known for as a public company?

Only Zuckerberg + company can answer that question.