Do You Have Mobile On Your Radar?

Mobile is hot — super hot. No, it’s smokin’ hot!

Now we can quantify it: Mobile Internet use has doubled, to 8.5 percent this year, up from 4.3% last year, when compared to desktop use, according to


Mobile use statistics by

That increase may seem like a small amount — and it is, relatively speaking.

But if you are a content marketer, you need to pay attention, as more and more consumers turn to mobile to find things. Your next client may request a mobile site, as more Internet users turn to the smart phones, instead of traditional PCS or even laptops, to find the nearest hair salon, the best takeout joint, or for everyday Internet use.

That means you’ll have to have mobile on your mind as you develop content — and brush up on mobile content strategies (they can be very different than those of static websites, because more emphasis is placed on how content is laid out).

Mobile is big  and, as indicated by the latest numbers, has nowhere to go but up.

Do you  have a mobile content strategy?













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