SEO Strategies You Should Do and Not Do To Your Site

Google announces SEO do's and don'ts


Google has revealed some SEO DOs And DON’TS.

According to Google, via, here are some things you SHOULD NOT do in your SEO efforts:

  1. Have no value proposition: Don’t assume a site should rank #1 and not know why it’s helpful to searchers  — and potential customers.
  2. Use a segmented approach: Make sure your SEO goals match your company’s objectives and goals. Your SEO goals should be aligned with company and department goals, and vice versa.
  3. Implement time-consuming workarounds: Work harder, not smarter. Avoid short-term strategies as opposed to spending time on research and development. The more time you spend on the front end, the more time you save, not to mention money and effort.
  4. Get caught up in the latest SEO trends: Ignore those “tricks” and “secrets” that promise to boost rankings; they often don’t work and could get you punished by Google. They are trendy, fly-by-night shortcuts, which can sometimes have lasting, dire consequences. Instead, focus on proven techniques that are time-tested and that work. They may be more time-consuming, but there’s a reason why they work.

Now, here are some things that Google says you SHOULD do:

  1. Make your site stand out from the pack. Be original.
  2. Make sure your site content includes relevant keywords.  This will require some research, as you are putting yourself in the mind of a prospective customer and what they are searching for when looking at your site. Also, use Google keyword tools to analyze keyword searches and trends. Bottom line: Know your customers, and what they might search for, and back it up with keyword analysis tools..
  3. Master the fundamentals. Create unique title tags and meta descriptions, and have good internal links.
  4. Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools: Help Google help you.
  5. Build buzz: Use content to build natural links, +1s on Google Plus, likes, follows, etc. Offer value to your audience, that’s designed to be shared and reshared online.
  6. Stay relevant: Nothing’s worse than a stale, out-of-date site. Keep your content fresh and try new and cutting edge tools, such as social media.

Are you doing any of the “dos” or any of the “do nots”?

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