2012 Olympics Coverage Explodes on YouTube

YouTube is a beast.  It gets so much traffic a year — it had more than 1 trillion views in 2011 — that it’s the world’s second largest search engine.

Look no further than the 2012 Olympics to see how much of a game changer YouTube is — and why companies and consultants should include it in their content marketing strategies. YouTube and NBCs partnership of the Olympics (YouTube was behind NBCOlympics.com) drew a jaw dropping 231 million total streams worldwide, with 72 million coming from the IOC channel on YouTube. At one time, as many as 500,000 livestreams were conducted and NBCOlympics.com drew nearly 160 million streams.

YouTube and 2012 Olympics in London

2012 Olympics in London

Expect to see even more partnerships like this one for subsequent athletic events, and an expansion during the 2016 Olympics.

Are you implenting YouTube in your content marketing strategy?



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