The Push for Better Quality Content in a Post-Panda World

Google Panda penalizes sites with poor quality content Fresh off yet another Google Panda update last month, it’s clear that Panda is here to stay. This update is among several that already occurred this summer. Don’t you just love Google?

This refresh was only minor — effecting only 1% of queries, according to Google – but the message is clear: Content matters — even more now. Panda first hit the scene last year, and was designed to filter sites with poor, spammy content.

It’s All About Content, Baby!

Post-panda, things have definitely changed. You simply can’t expect to get the same search results with tired, lame content. Sites that create quality, important, engaging content can hopefully expect that they won’t be affected.

What does that mean? Hopefully, lots of work among content marketing pros, because more clients will request, and know the intrinsic value of, good, quality content.

How have your (or client) sites fared with Google Panda?






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