Social Media Takes Center Stage In Presidential Debate

By Tenisha Mercer

No sooner had Mitt Romney uttered the words “Big Bird” and cutting subsidies to PBS during the presidential debates in Denver on Wednesday night, social media was on fire — and it was clearly team #BigBird.

Twitter accounts sprang up in honor of@BigBird, amassing nearly 10,000 followers within hours. Big Bird and Sesame Street were suddenly trending topics on Twitter. A Facebook page was set up, “Big Bird for President,” with hundreds of likes late Wednesday night.

In love of all things snark (I just love snarky commentary), came these tweets:

social media tweets on presidential debates

This is the power of social media. So much so that Twitter spokeswoman Rachael Horwitz said the debate was the most tweeted political event in U.S. history with more than 10 million tweets. Networks may wrangle over who won — Obama or Romney — but THIS was the talk in social media late Wednesday.

It’s why I love social media — it beats, unapologetically, to its own drum. While Obama/Romney verbally sparred about tax cuts, social security and the deficit, we were on Twitter and Facebook talking — and no doubt, laughing about — Big Bird.

Gotta love social media!

What do you think about social media’s role in politics?:



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