Facebook Focuses on E-Commerce

By Tenisha Mercer

Facebook adds e-commerce featuresAfter announcing last week that it reached the 1 billion user mark, Facebook is adding new buttons — beyond the “Like” buttons.

Facebook is testing new “want” and “collection” buttons. The new buttons appear on Facebook’s new Collections feature, and only on select pages. They allow users to create wish lists of things they want — sounding an awful lot like Pinterest.

Who gets the new Features?

It appears that the features are only allowed on large users, and it’s live on Pottery Barn as well as Fab.com, Michael Kors, Victoria’s Secret and Wayfair.com — signaling Facebook’s move deeper into the e-commerce space. It’s expected, though, as Facebook faces growing pains as it faces growing demands from Wall Street to generate money after going public.

Last week, Facebook released Gifts, which lets you buy items for friends on Facebook.

You can discover collected items in new feeds, they are shareable, and include a click through link to buy the product off Facebook. What does this mean to you? Unless you are managing a reatailer’s Facebook spend, nothing; it’s just one more way for you to share your interests with your friends.

What do you think of Facebook’s move into e-commerce?

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