2013 and The Year of Content

By Tenisha Mercer

It’s 2013 — and for me, it’s all about content.

Naturally, it’s a time of reflection, about the things that went well, that went straight to hell, and the things that I could have done better in 2012.

This year, it’s all about content creation. I’ve got about two blogs that I actively blog on and, I’ll be honest, it’s a challenge for me to update both of them regularly. I’m about to put myself on an editorial calendar and schedule. I can do this for clients, but it’s SO difficult for me to do.

Churning Out Content

Not to mention the ebooks I’m working on this year. Le sigh. So many ideas, so little time. But I really am going to buckle down and get these done. They don’t have to be epic; just readable. And so I’m focusing on creating my e-book empire. This isn’t my first round with this. I’ve said this for a long time but now I’ve got to do less talking and more writing.

Like, dedicate daily time to it. I’ve got a few ebooks and ecourses that are almost finished. They say it takes 28 days to change a habit. Well, day 1 and I’ve already begun working on finishing up those ebooks that are gathering dust on  my laptop.

Making Content Creation A Daily Habit

Writing my own projects has got to be apart of my daily habit — no matter what else I’ve got going on. I start off with all the best intentions, but fall off due to crazy deadlines or working my other business. I’m going to stop beating myself up about it and keep on writing.

It’s also about branding — doing activities for my brand. Whether it’s social media or plain old fashioned marketing, I’m committing to doing everything i need to do to build my brand.

What are your content marketing plans for 2013?

Tenisha Mercer is an SEO writer in Atlanta with content on page #1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing. She is a digital branding expert, an Atlanta web content writer, Atlanta SEO copywriter and social media expert in Atlanta who specializes in powerful, high-impact content that clicks with customers. Tenisha Mercer has produced and managed content marketing for clients in health care, retail and technology, including the CDC, The Home Depot, NCR, Sears, GMAC, General Motors Corporation, NCR, and small businesses nationwide. 

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