How YouTube Ups the Ante for Advertisers and Consumers for Superbowl 2013

By Tenisha Mercer

Superbowl 2013 advertisers are launching a larger amount of ads on social media

Superbowl 2013 advertisers are launching a larger amount of ads on social media

Anxiously awaiting those infamous Superbowl 2013 commercials? You didn’t have to wait until kick off on Sunday evening; just go on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.

More advertisers are pushing their Super Bowl ads out on social media sites than ever before — days and weeks ahead of the big game. Advertisers are using social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to get a jumpstart on the more than 111 million people who are expected to watch the Super Bowl tonight.

Led by national brands like Taco Bell and Anheuser Busch, more than two dozen of the Superbowl’s 36 advertisers got a jumpstart to the Super Bowl hoopla with early ads, according to

Last year, Super Bowl spending reached $262.5 million. This year, it’s expected to break records with $1.85 billion in advertising, compared to just shy of $130 million in 2003.

YouTube as the Superbowl Contender

Much of those early releases are on YouTube, which has gained the lion’s share of those advertisers’ early commercials in recent years. Last year, early Super Bowl ads were viewed 600% more times, with an average of 9.1 million average views, according to YouTube statistics.

Expect even more this year.

And with the average 30-second Super Bowl spot going anywhere from $3.7 million to as much as $4 million according to the New York Times, it’ s no wonder that advertisers are trying to get as much bang for their Super Bowl dollars as they can on social media sites.

Increasingly, companies involve fans in the ad process. Advertisers like Doritos now pay big bucks to average folks who produce mini commercials featuring the brand  —  and build customer loyalty and the prospect of winning million dollar prizes in the process. So, too, did Pepsi, which let fans create a countdown for Beyonce’s halftime performance.

Still, this doesn’t mean that advertisers like Go Daddy, Doritos, Pepsi and Coca-Cola hope that you don’t tune in on Sunday; it just means they’re getting many more eyeballs than just on the 30-second Super Bowl commercials.

What Super Bowl ads are you looking forward to?

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