Why You Need Social Media for SEO — And What to Do About It

Social media is an important component of SEO Social media marketing isn’t something you do just to get “likes,” retweets or +1s.

If you want to rank for SEO, social media has got to be a vital part of your overall SEO strategy, according to an article in Entrepreneur Magazine.

SEOs have known this for a while, but this is confirmation that bears repeating: Social media drives traffic to your website, not the other way around. And it’s valuable linking. The blog, article or video you send from your site and distribute on social media are all valuable links that help engage your audience and benefit SEO.

There is a method to the social media madnesss: More and more, companies need social media not just to engage, but for links. In order to rank, social media has got to be apart of any effective SEO strategy. If you aren’t using social media, here are a few tips to get you started:

1.  Know your audience. Folks read articles like this and have a lightbulb social media moment. But too often, they just feel the need to get on Facebook or Twitter and don’t market appropriately to their audience. Don’t make that mistake. Know who your customer is, what they like/dislike, and market to that audience. Find your brand sweet spot. It’s also important to know your social media outlet. What works on Twitter may or may not work on Facebook, etc., and pick accordingly.

2. Pump out content on a regular basis. For all the focus on social media, it’s very, very easy to get lost in all the fray. You’ll be joining a crowded market, with plenty of your competitors who are also Facebooking, tweeting and Instagramming just like you.

The challenge is to engage your audience — and distinguish yourself from your competition. You do that by creating a schedule of content and distributing it regularly. The more you post, the better, but try not to be too spammy (no more than 2-4 posts per day, per social media outlet). Anymore than that and it get annoying and spammy.

3. Let loose. Social media isn’t for the stuffy. The most successful in social media aren’t afraid to let their personalities shine through. Be you. Make sure what you do on social media is the same as what you do in your business, in real life. Keep that in mind when you’re crafting your social media program.

Tenisha Mercer is an SEO writer in Atlanta with content on page #1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing. She is a digital marketing expert, an Atlanta web content writer and SEO copywriter and social media expert in Atlanta who specializes in powerful, high-impact copywriting that clicks with customers.

She has led digital marketing, content strategy and produced and managed content for clients in health care, retail and technology, including the CDC, The Home Depot, Sears, GMAC, NCR, General Motors, 1-800-Flowers and small businesses around the country.

Contact her at info@MercerMediaGroup.com.




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