About Tenisha Mercer

Hire an Atlanta SEO Writer Who Gets It

I write SEO content that Google loves to read.

But not just any type of content. I write content that clicks — blogs, website copy, landing pages, press releases, articles, online and social media marketing collateral. And, my content is on page #1 of Google, MSN/Bing and Yahoo. I’m a former award-winning journalist, turned SEO content pro.

I don’t just write stories anymore; I write stories for an online audience. And those stories include a lot of things — website content, articles, landing pages, blogs, e-books, press releases, sales copy. If it’s words you need, I can write it.

The Content You Read Is What You Get

No matter who the client is, my goal is the same: To cut through online clutter with amazing content that sells. I succeed when readers do several things: Buy, keep reading, or subscribe.

Oh, yeah, and I write for humans (you know, customers) first, search engines second. If I’ve done my job — and don’t worry, I always do — search engines reward my content with some Google, Yahoo and Bing/MSN love!

I’ve written content for just about every type of client — from Fortune 500 companies such as The Home Depot and Sears, to government agencies such as the CDC and the U.S. Postal Service, to 1-800-Flowers and just about everybody in between –hospitals, Internet marketers, apartments, construction companies, Realtors, plumbers, motivational speakers and urologists, you name it, I’ve done it.

Why You Need To Hire Me As Your Freelance Writer

No subject is too big; no project is too small. From small minisites to large, enterprise website projects, I do it all.

No fluff.

No hype.

No formulaic, pie in the sky, la-di-da consultant BS.

Just kick-ass copy that sells. It’s really that simple.

If you want your online content to perform the way it always has — poor sales and even less website traffic — then do what you’ve always done: Keep hiring incompetent folks who know nothing about writing good copy, don’t know what SEO is, or how to write search engine-optimized content.

You’ll get the same less than impressive, lackluster results. Numbers don’t lie, and your website traffic figures will show it.

Do something different. If you’re ready to take your website, product or service to a new level of success online, call 678-531-4226 or email HireAnSEOWriter@gmail.com today for a free consultation.


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