Why You Need Social Media for SEO — And What to Do About It

Social media marketing isn’t something you do just to get “likes,” retweets or +1s. If you want to rank for SEO, social media has got to be a vital part of your overall SEO strategy, according to an article in Entrepreneur Magazine. SEOs have known this for a while, but this is confirmation that bears repeating: Social media [...]

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It’s been  two months since I last posted on tenishamercer.com. I won’t bore you with the details, but, as most bloggers who don’t post for a while say, it’s been a very BUSY two months. Now it’s time for me to begin blogging again. Since I’ve been gone, Google has rolled out a few more Panda [...]

Will Facebook Stay The Same?

As Facebook this week launched one of the most anticipated IPOs in history – valued by some analysts at more than $100 billion  — the iconic social networking company has a lot to prove: Will the yet-to-become public Facebook trump the privately-held Facebook? Will it remain the same type of revolutionary, change at a moment’s notice company [...]