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Don’t Drink the Kool Aid: SEO is NOT Dead!

By Tenisha Mercer For quite a while now, I’ve heard so-called SEO experts emphatically declare that “SEO is Dead.” They’d all but nailed the coffin shut and cued the funeral processional. Many cited Google Penda/Penguin as proof of SEOs untimely demise. Everytime Google rolled out algorithm changes, those doom and gloom proclamations that SEO was unreliable or […]

Why Matching Your Domain Name with Keywords No Longer Works

By Tenisha Mercer For years, SEOs have managed to almost instantly obtain higher rankings by using “exactmatch” domains — using keywords as domain names, such as or, for example. That all changed in September, after Googled announced algorithm updates — called EMD — that focused on spammy or low-quality exact match domains. To […]

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It’s been  two months since I last posted on I won’t bore you with the details, but, as most bloggers who don’t post for a while say, it’s been a very BUSY two months. Now it’s time for me to begin blogging again. Since I’ve been gone, Google has rolled out a few more Panda […]

Google Panda Minor Update In February

The Google Panda wheels are churning once again, with recent news about a Google Panda update listed among 40 changes for the month of February, alone. This most recent update comes on the heels of Google Panda’s one-year anniversary. Google Panda signaled a seismic shift to many websites’ search engine marketing results last year. Google placed greater […]

Google Panda 3.2 Panda Update

Google has confirmed its first Panda update in 2012. The mid-January Google Panda 3.2 update, estimated to be around Jan. 18, wasn’t extensive. Apparently, it was just a data refresh of the Google Panda algorithm, reported. When Google shifts, the content world ripples. Early reports indicate websites that lost traffic last year had regained pre-Panda traffic, […]