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Are You Sharing Your Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all about sharing. Companies that try to keep content to themselves are shooting themselves in the foot. Companies that share their knowledge — like Coca-Cola, and American Express —  are reaping the benefits and becoming content marketing thought leaders in the process. A 2011 study by Content Marketing Institute found that content […]

Is Pinterest The Next Facebook?

  As quickly as Facebook and Twitter zoomed to the top of social media sphere, social media analysts have been eager to annoint the newest, hottest, newest site in social media. There have been lots of contenders — deal-oriented sites like Groupon are super hot– but it now appears there is a clear winner — In just […]

Will Facebook Stay The Same?

As Facebook this week launched one of the most anticipated IPOs in history — valued by some analysts at more than $100 billion  — the iconic social networking company has a lot to prove: Will the yet-to-become public Facebook trump the privately-held Facebook? Will it remain the same type of revolutionary, change at a moment’s notice company […]