Content Marketing for Journalists: Learn everything you need to know to earn a six-figure income with fewer deadlines, less stress and more flexibility as a digital content marketer

Imagine your phone and email blowing up with requests for lucrative short and long-term contracts and jobs for your writing skills.

This morning, I got a half dozen calls and had emails — and it wasn’t even noon! If you’re a journalist or have always wanted to have your very own writing business, this could be you.

I’m no one special.content marketing 1

But I didn’t want to wait around for YEARS for a newsroom opening just to get another reporting or editing job. And risk being downsized because so many journalists have lost their jobs.

I needed to eat TODAY. I didn’t want to just bury my head in the sand and hope and pray I would not get laid off like so many journalists these days.

And I refused to wait 4-6 months to get paid for freelance magazine articles; that was not gonna cut it and a girl’s gotta eat, right?

I knew writing opportunities were not unicorns sprinkled with fairy dust, that a lot of digital work was out there, and that top companies would pay me very well for it..

And they’ll pay you, too!

But only if you know how and where to get steady and high-paying digital work.

Take my course and you’ll know learn:

✔How to market and position yourself to earn a lucrative six-figure income.

✔Which digital niches really net six-figure opportunities — and a plan to get there quickly.

✔What proven, step-by-step techniques will earn you good money YESTERDAY doing what you really love.

✔How to have clients calling YOU with opportunities for steady, repeat projects, with little to no competition, in top-paying niches.

My VIP class will show you how. I’m opening up 5 more spots for my next course.

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You’ll learn more about how you can begin earning money right away with an online content business in top paying industries.

It’s a great way for people who know how and like to write to earn some extra cash. Perfect for college students, stay-at-home moms and dads, those who need flexibility, and media professionals who always wanted to start a digital freelance business but never quite knew how.

You MUST have basic writing skills at a minimum and be serious about starting your business or changing careers.

Who is this course for?
My course is perfect for media professionals trying to figure out how to transition their skills into a six-figure career or flexible business — but are not exactly sure how to do it and want to learn step-by-step BEFORE you quit your day job.

MY VIP course is also perfect for the person with writing skills but who has always wanted to know how to get paid well for what you love to do — even if you do something totally different 9-to-5.

You can do this!!!

Boss up!

Learn exactly how I got steady work and earn six-figures as a digital content marketer and how to finally launch your business or career transition.

You’ll learn exactly how I transitioned my nearly 20-year newsroom career into a flood of lucrative opportunities with fewer deadlines and less stress, MORE money and best of all — FREEDOM!

And how you can do it, too. There’s plenty of steady work out there, but only if you know how and where to get it.

Trust me, these 5  spots will go quickly.

Email info@mercermediagroup by Wednesday, April 12, 2017 for more information about how you can sign up, and pricing. If you know someone who would like to enroll, please share this blog. Serious inquiries only, please.