Content Marketing

I eat, live and breathe content.

Always have, always will.

From nearly 15 years as an award-winning journalist published in USA Today, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Detroit News and Essence Magazine, to now writing web content for Fortune 500 retailers like The Home Depot, Sears and 1-800-Flowers, content is. what. I. do.

Words have meaning and power. Put them on a website and suddenly your audience grows exponentially by millions, billions even. Just imagine, all of those eyeballs on the content that I create.

Amazing, isn’t it?

What I do isn’t rocket science; it’s just good, damn content.

Sure, content marketing is the fancy shmancy word, but in the end, it’s simply creating words that sell products and services. And I do it over and over again, every day, for clients around the world.

I’m a one-woman show, but I’ve got plenty of content muscle behind me: A team of trained, seasoned content experts who I can turn to with larger Internet projects.

Don’t just hope that your products or services will sell or that customers will be able to find you online. Guarantee that they will with good web content. I’ll make sure that your audience finds what you with good, old-fashioned content optimized for today’s ever-changing search engines.

Confused about content? I can help. Call 678-531-4226 today for a free content marketing consultation.












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