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No content expert knows everything, but I like to say I know a little bit about a lot of stuff. Name the industry and I’ve probably written something about it —  from DNA testing companies and colleges to retailers, plumbers (fun stuff!) urologists and security companies.

I work with all sorts of clients — ad agencies, PR firms, SEO companies and small businesses. My work spans multiple industries – retail, health care, e-commerce, technology, energy, HR, tecjmp;pgu. IT, software, energy, legal and more!

Here are a few of the clients I’ve worked for:

Health care – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta

  • Content management and content strategy: Managed content launch for CDC. gov website.

Health care – Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta

  • Content strategy and content development: Took medical jargon and turned it into sales- driven web content. Developed taglines, online branding and content development for Piedmont’s roboticbariatric surgerystroke and urology departments.

Retail – The Home Depot, Atlanta

Non-Profit – Future Foundation, Sacramento, GA/Atlanta

  • Content strategy, content development: Wrote website content for
  • Marketing collateral: Wrote newsletter for Future Foundation
  • Social Media Marketing: Wrote video script for Future Foundation YouTube video that was nationally recognized by the White House Office of Faith-Based Affairs in 2009.

Energy – Znalytics
Developed website, branding and managed site launch for retail energy and supply chain management.

Professional Services – Ryla

Technology – Trimble Connected Community

Real Estate — EPM Services, Orlando, FL

  • Content Strategy, content marketing: Wrote website content for EPM Services
  • Social Media Marketing: Wrote and managed San Diego real estate agent Liz Coden.

Consumer Packaged Goods — UniSource

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