Don’t Drink the Kool Aid: SEO is NOT Dead!

By Tenisha Mercer For quite a while now, I’ve heard so-called SEO experts emphatically declare that “SEO is Dead.” They’d all but nailed the coffin shut and cued the funeral processional. Many cited Google Penda/Penguin as proof of SEOs untimely demise. Everytime Google rolled out algorithm changes, those doom and gloom proclamations that SEO was unreliable or […]

Top Content Trends for 2013

By Tenisha Mercer 2012 is almost to a close, and Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has released 100+ social media nad content marketing trends for 2013. If only we all had a crystal ball… But seriously, CMI comes close as we can get, with predictions from 80 top content marketing and social media pros. Among their findings: […]

Why Matching Your Domain Name with Keywords No Longer Works

By Tenisha Mercer For years, SEOs have managed to almost instantly obtain higher rankings by using “exactmatch” domains — using keywords as domain names, such as or, for example. That all changed in September, after Googled announced algorithm updates — called EMD — that focused on spammy or low-quality exact match domains. To […]

Content Marketing Survey Report Reveals Larger Focus on Content Over Next 12 Months

By Tenisha Mercer How important will content marketing be in 2013 and beyond ? A Content Marketing Survey of 1,300 firms by Econsultancy, a U.K.- based digital marketing agency, found that: More than  90% of respondents believe that content marketing will become more important over the next 12 months. Nearly three quarters (73%) of digital marketers agree […]

Facebook Focuses on E-Commerce

By Tenisha Mercer After announcing last week that it reached the 1 billion user mark, Facebook is adding new buttons — beyond the “Like” buttons. Facebook is testing new “want” and “collection” buttons. The new buttons appear on Facebook’s new Collections feature, and only on select pages. They allow users to create wish lists of […]