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What Content Marketers Can Learn from Superbowl XXXXVII

By Tenisha Mercer www.TenishaMercer.com Advertisers spent nearly $4 million on single 30-second Super Bowl ads this year; admittedly,not a whole lot of time to engage consumers. But brands who did it well, did so by doing more by just producing commercials to sell sodas, beers and cars; they told stories — and borrowed a page right of a content marketers’ handbook. […]

Content Marketing Survey Report Reveals Larger Focus on Content Over Next 12 Months

By Tenisha Mercer How important will content marketing be in 2013 and beyond ? A Content Marketing Survey of 1,300 firms by Econsultancy, a U.K.- based digital marketing agency, found that: More than  90% of respondents believe that content marketing will become more important over the next 12 months. Nearly three quarters (73%) of digital marketers agree […]

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It’s been  two months since I last posted on tenishamercer.com. I won’t bore you with the details, but, as most bloggers who don’t post for a while say, it’s been a very BUSY two months. Now it’s time for me to begin blogging again. Since I’ve been gone, Google has rolled out a few more Panda […]

Are You Sharing Your Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all about sharing. Companies that try to keep content to themselves are shooting themselves in the foot. Companies that share their knowledge — like Coca-Cola, Mint.com and American Express —  are reaping the benefits and becoming content marketing thought leaders in the process. A 2011 study by Content Marketing Institute found that content […]

Is Pinterest The Next Facebook?

  As quickly as Facebook and Twitter zoomed to the top of social media sphere, social media analysts have been eager to annoint the newest, hottest, newest site in social media. There have been lots of contenders — deal-oriented sites like Groupon are super hot– but it now appears there is a clear winner — Pinterest.com. In just […]