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Google Launches Handwrite

  Leave it to Google to revolutionize mobile search. Instead of using your QWERTY keyboard, Google has unveiled the ability to conduct mobile searches by keying in the search term with the swipe of your finger. One word: Brilliant. How many times have you tried typing a search feature on the Google search box on your […]

#Anonymous Hacks Government Websites; Could Your Clients Be Next?

The SOPA/PIPA debacle just keeps getting worse. On Thursday, the Department of Justice yanked MegaUpload, a popular file sharing site, from the web. Hours later, in an apparent retaliation,  a number of government websites, including the White House, FBI, Department of Justice, U.S. Copyright Office, were taken down by hackers. Anonymous claimed credit, with the hashtag, #OpMegaUpload, on Twitter. It also issued […]

2011: The Year of Content Marketing?

This time of year, pundits wax about predictions for the year ahead and analyze trends that did or did not happen from the soon-to-end year. I thought it’s appropo to do the same thing, only with content marketing. What did or did not work this year? No doubt,  content marketing finally took its rightful place in […]