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Why You Need Social Media for SEO — And What to Do About It

Social media marketing isn’t something you do just to get “likes,” retweets or +1s. If you want to rank for SEO, social media has got to be a vital part of your overall SEO strategy, according to an article in Entrepreneur Magazine. SEOs have known this for a while, but this is confirmation that bears repeating: Social media […]

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It’s been  two months since I last posted on tenishamercer.com. I won’t bore you with the details, but, as most bloggers who don’t post for a while say, it’s been a very BUSY two months. Now it’s time for me to begin blogging again. Since I’ve been gone, Google has rolled out a few more Panda […]

Is Pinterest The Next Facebook?

  As quickly as Facebook and Twitter zoomed to the top of social media sphere, social media analysts have been eager to annoint the newest, hottest, newest site in social media. There have been lots of contenders — deal-oriented sites like Groupon are super hot– but it now appears there is a clear winner — Pinterest.com. In just […]